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You Do Not Hold Accountability – Defective Products Attorney Plano

September 8, 2015

Do you remember when there was a particular model car (we won’t name names) that was having issues with the accelerator pedal getting stuck to the floor? Unfortunately, several deaths and injuries were attributed to that severe defect, and it led to millions of cars being recalled to fix the defect and prevent any further injury or death. When you purchase an item from the store, no matter what it is, the last thing that you would expect ever to happen is that the product you purchased is eventually going to cause you severe pain. However, the problem of defective products is no rare occurrence. Injuries sustained from defective products happen all the time, and in some cases, it ends in the worst way possible. You, as a consumer, have a right to claim compensation for defective products that may have caused injury or death to someone in your family. You were the accountable party when you paid for something that you trusted would safely work a certain way. In the case of the cars with faulty accelerator pedals, the drivers of the car were unknowingly thrown into a situation they should have never expected to occur. What that means is that they were left to deal with the unfortunate circumstances in a way they were unprepared for, and it caused them great harm. These types of defects can be found in all ranges of products, from cars to children’s toys to barbeques to flat-screen televisions. Your life should never be in danger because of something you purchased in good faith. If something does happen to you, then the Law Office of Christopher Kalis is here to fight for the compensation you deserve. Christopher Kalis has served the city of Plano, Texas, as well as surrounding communities such as Dallas and Fort Worth, for over twenty years as a qualified defective products attorney. Aside from being a defective products attorney in Plano, he also provides the following services: Car accident attorney Plano Serious Injuries Attorney Plano Wrongful Death Lawyer Plano Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Plano Catastrophic Injuries Lawyer Plano