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Where to Find the Right Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Plano

September 15, 2015

You just finished washing your new Harley Davidson, and it’s looking amazing. After making sure everything is ready to go for your weekend bike ride around the city, you hop on and start it up. It sounds amazing, and you know it.

You kick it into gear and head out on the road. You’ve been riding for a long time, so you’re pretty confident about how great this weekend is going to be on your new ride.

Does this sound familiar? This is how a lot of motorcycle enthusiasts get their fix, and it is no surprise that they love doing it. Nothing compares to the thrill of running an iron horse down a long stretch of highway, surrounded by open space, sunlight, and nowhere to go but riding.

The one thing that is never written into a biker’s schedule is getting into an accident. All too often, motorcyclists fall victim to accidents that are beyond their ability to avoid them. Motorists who don’t check their rearview mirrors before merging or who don’t respectfully share the road with motorcycles pose a significant risk. Also, more incidental circumstances like ruptured tires from foreign objects or potholes on the road, slippery conditions, and more lurk over the safety of our motorcycle riders. These risks cause some pretty severe damage to both the motorcycle and the rider, which often comes at great expense and emotional trauma.

Finding the right motorcycle accident attorney can make all the difference for you if you have suffered from an accident. You may have already lost your bike, there may be some serious physical injuries sustained, and a long road to recovery. You owe it to yourself to find someone who can help you pick up any of the pieces that are needed in order to get you back on your feet, back on your wheels, and back into the trajectory your life was taking prior to the accident.

The Law Office of Christopher Kalis specializes in helping motorcyclists with our many years of serving as a motorcycle accident attorney in Plano, Texas. We are also available to the surrounding communities of Dallas and Fort Worth. Call today and find out more about this service, as well as:

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