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Trade Secret Advice and Litigation in Dallas, TX

The law regarding trade secrets and proprietary business information (intellectual property) is changing as rapidly as technology. The State of Texas, as most states, have statutes and developed common law protecting the employer against theft and misappropriation of trade secrets. Many businesses are recognizing the importance of protecting their intellectual property and the impact of that protection on their bottom line.

Additionally, in the fast moving business climate of Texas, employees often need careful, technological or intellectual property advice regarding their change of employment or entrepreneurial ventures. The Law Office of Christopher Kalis is experienced in counseling clients regarding such matters as well as litigate the same issues when necessary.

Representative Cases

Preparation of written trade secret agreements for companies of all sizes. In protecting such companies from the unlawful disclosure of trade secrets and confidential information, the lawyers of the Law Office of Christopher Kalis utilize their knowledge of employment agreements and restrictive covenants to restrain employees from using or disclosing trade secrets and confidential information. Recently, the Law Office of Christopher Kalis filed suit in Oklahoma City to protect the trade secret and confidential information of a client. After only one day of trial, the matter settled and the former employees agreed to abide by a temporary restraining order for 18 months, allowing the client to continue to expand his business in Oklahoma. This is a good example of an effective use of trade secret laws to aid and assist a business client to grow his company in a new market, without unfair competition.