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Serious injuries have long lasting impacts

October 20, 2016

In many accidents, traumatic injuries that take place can affect a victim and their families for months and years to come. These types of traumatic injuries can be anything from an amputationtoparalysis and spinal cord injury, to a severe head injury that results in brain damage.

Brain injuries can be among the most difficult traumatic injuries to deal with because head trauma can have long-lasting effects. These effects can be seizures, paralysis, hearing and vision loss, coma, severe cognitive dysfunction and many other problems.

In cases where another person was at fault for a traumatic injury, the victim and their family will have the right to file a lawsuit to be compensated for their injuries. Because traumatic injuries tend to have such a long recovery period, if at all, awards can easily climb into the million-dollar range.

A lawyer who specializes in traumatic injuries can help a client go after payment for current medical bills, future long-term care and rehabilitation costs, lost wages from an inability to hold a job while recovering, a loss of companionship, and pain and suffering.

An attorney can seek a judgment by claiming that the person or company who caused the victim’s injuries were negligent. In virtually all cases involving members of the public companies have a duty and responsibility to act in such a way that it does not intentionally endanger other people. When this duty of care is breached, and traumatic injuries result, then a claim can be pursued. Claims can also be pursued against companies who create and sell defective or dangerous products to the public. Product liability law, while highly specialized, can bring financial relief to victims as well.

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