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Product manufacturers are obligated by law to make sure their products are safe for use and free of defects that can lead to injury. The laws regarding product liability protect people injured by a defectively designed or constructed product. This body of law provides an injured consumer with protection beyond that of simple negligence. This is because it allows proof of the products defective design or construction, without having to prove negligence.

If you’ve been injured as a result of a defective product, consult with a product liability attorney in Dallas who can represent you. Our product liability attorney at the Law Offices of Christopher Kalis in Dallas, Texas has experience working with injured victims of product liability and stands ready to evaluate your product liability case and determine where negligence lies.

Causes of Defective Products

There are many causes of product liability cases. One common product that can cause injuries, and even death in severe cases, is an auto part, such as an airbag. Another source is medical devices with manufacturing defects, which can lead to issues after surgery. Additionally, drugs that are sold without adequate safety warnings for the user to understand can cause dangerous drug interactions.

At the Law Offices of Christopher Kalis, we have experience fighting a variety of product liability cases. Our proven reputation makes us a leading choice for these types of cases in and around Dallas. We also offer professional legal consultations where you can discuss your injuries and ask any questions you may have about the personal injury lawsuit ahead.

Dangerous Product Litigation

It’s no secret that product liability cases are hard to litigate. This is why it’s critical to hire an experienced, reliable, and successful product liability attorney team to represent you. At the Law Offices of Christopher Kalis, we are committed to providing a stress-free experience, allowing you to heal from your injuries while we do all the leg work for your case.

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  • A client's radiator exploded after the client attempted to put water into it while it was overheating. The explosion resulted in multiple burns to his stomach and legs. This settlement was confidential.

  • A homeowner lost his right eye attempting to repair an older garage door, despite printed warnings not to touch the spring apparatus. The Law Offices of Christopher Kalis argued that the warnings were insufficient. The matter was settled for a significant amount even though the manufacturer asserted there was no liability because of the warning.

  • One of the most difficult cases that The Law Offices of Christopher Kalis has ever handled occurred when a worker fell from the roof of his employer's 7-story building, suffering the almost complete loss of use of his right arm and right hand. The Law Offices of Christopher Kalis sued the employer and the building owner, arguing that the accident could have been entirely prevented if the employer had installed a railing or provided a protective device as required by OSHA, and complied with other building and mechanical codes. The Law Offices of Christopher Kalis settled this case for its client for a substantial, confidential amount which included the use of a structured settlement.