Athletes & Entertainers Attorneys in Dallas, Texas

Former licensed professional sports-agent, Christopher Kalis, has represented athletes and entertainers in conflicts with their teams or record labels regarding payments due under their contracts, as well as issues regarding royalties from websites or publications.

Mr. Kalis is an active member, and former state chairman, of the State Bar of Texas’s Section on Entertainment and Sports Law. He has organized and hosted numerous seminars on sports law and the special litigation issues that arise in this area of law.

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Sports Law Litigation

Our team of sports lawyers serves sports law clients, such as authors, agents, producers, and more. We fully understand the sports industry and can work on all forms of sports law. Our legal team can work with business tractions, including general liability. We also have experience with franchises and their facilities as well as experience in business, real estate, construction, and even intellectual property.

Dallas Entertainment Law Attorney

Our Dallas entertainment law attorneys represent production companies, producers, directors, writers, actors, creators, musicians, etc. We have years of experience working in state and federal courts as well as extensive experience with mediation and arbitration. Additionally, because we know how and why disputes arise, we are better prepared to represent you in any entertainment law situation. We can advise you on insurance and bonds, book publishing and options, copyright, trademark, infringement of rights, and general liability.

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