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Get Legal Help From Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys in Dallas, TX

The Law Office of Christopher Kalis is an established practice representing individuals who have been injured by various means, causing them personal physical and mental injuries. Since 1983, Chris Kalis has represented over 1,000 individuals, in Ohio, Texas and other states, who have suffered substantial, devastating, physical and mental injuries resulting from workplace accidents, defective products and motor vehicle accidents. The Law Office of Christopher Kalis has represented individuals who have been paralyzed, mentally and physically, after being severely injured in train accidents, truck collisions, car accidents, workplace incidents and injuries from defective products.

In addition to severely injured persons, The Law Office of Christopher Kalis has successfully resolved hundreds of cases involving what insurance companies refer to as “soft tissue injuries”. The Law Office of Christopher Kalis believes that its lawyers must take the time to understand the medical treatment their clients have received and to involve themselves in the decisions that a client faces after being injured. The lawyers of the Law Office of Christopher Kalis participate in the day-to-day medical decisions of their clients, so that they are better advocates. The lawyers of the Law Office of Christopher Kalis are convinced that being involved like this provides the best chance to receive a proper resolution of their cases.

Representative Cases:

  • Representation of numerous clients for the policy limits in a multitude of drunken driving cases. This includes collection of underinsured benefits and successful resolution of health insurance liens.
  • Representation of a young high school athlete severely injured in an automobile/train collision, whose injuries included serious head trauma and distorted cognitive ability. The Law Office of Christopher Kalis negotiated a confidential but significant settlement of this case.
  • Representation of a young woman whose lower extremities were permanently scarred and who was disabled from falling into open pit at a quick lube facility. After a 5-day, difficult jury trial, a Dallas County jury awarded her substantial damages.
  • Representation of a man who became deathly ill after eating raw oysters from the Gulf of Mexico served by a popular Dallas restaurant. After investigation into the method of harvesting the oysters during a time where natural bacteria was high and the disclosure by the Texas Attorney General's Office that a Dallas distributor was practicing unclean and dangerous food storage practices, The Law Office of Christopher Kalis negotiated a very significant settlement.

For certain personal injury claims - such as those involving auto accidents, medical malpractice, food poisoning, job related injuries and more - you'll want help from a qualified attorney.