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Managing Your Case with an Oil Field Injury Attorney in Dallas

January 7, 2015

In Dallas, oil field accidents are still fairly common thanks to the high level of drilling that continues in the area. The oil industry has experienced tremendous growth in our state in recent years as the nation’s demand for oil for our homes and gas for our cars continues to be strong. Unfortunately, there are plenty of opportunities for accidents to occur on these job sites due to the dangerous nature of the work itself and due to poor training, lack of maintenance on equipment, defective machinery or negligent operation of equipment.

No matter why the accident occurred, if you’ve experienced an injury at work, you need to contact an oil field injury attorney in Dallas as quickly as possible. Oil field accidents typically have more than one liable party, including the insurance carriers, employer, project management team and even site architects. An experienced oil field injury attorney can help put together a solid case that shows the evidence of your injuries and that also shows who was ultimately responsible for causing them. By presenting this information to the courts in an oil field accident case, you have a strong chance of winning your case and receiving the judgment that you deserve.

If you’ve been injured in an accident in an oil field, you should always seek out medical care first. Make sure you have a record of what doctors were seen, what diagnosis was made and what types of injuries were found. Keeping an accurate record of all costs and fees associated with your injuries will be invaluable down the road when trying to win a judgment against the oil company or third party equipment provider.

Keep in mind that when you sue after a workplace injury, it’s not just about getting the money to pay your medical bills now, but it’s also about planning for the future. If you are unable to work for a long period due to your injuries or are permanently disabled and require long-term care, then you need to plan ahead. An experienced attorney who isn’t afraid to take on the big oil companies can help make sure you are taken care of now, and for the future.