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Insurance Benefit Denial Disputes Attorney in Dallas, TX

People buy many different types of insurance, i.e. health, homeowner’s, umbrella liability coverage, disability, business interruption and life insurance. Insurance companies often deny benefits for which you have paid premiums for-sometimes for many years.

The Law Office of Christopher Kalis has handled numerous claims for over 30 years of practice against your own insurance company, when those companies have refused to pay claims made by their own insured. The Law Office of Christopher Kalis generally handles these claims on a contingency basis, which means you are not required to pay the firms fees upfront, but only from settlement or payment after trial. This does not include all or any portion of the court costs and you as the client may be liable for these and other expenses even if there is no recovery.

Representative Cases

  • A former National Football League player suffered a career ending knee injury, and his own insurance company, Lloyds of London, denied his claim for benefits under the insurance policy he had paid for. After The Law Office of Christopher Kalis filed suit in the United States District Court in Ohio, Lloyds of London settled for close to the limits of insurance policy.
  • A couple's mobile home burned down and their own homeowner's insurance company denied coverage. The Law Office of Christopher Kalis obtained an expert who evaluated the cause of the fire and the insurance company paid the couple benefits under their homeowner's insurance policy.
  • A widow hired the Law Offices of Christopher when the insurance company insuring the life of her husband refused to pay upon his death. The Law Office of Christopher Kalis was able to obtain a settlement for the maximum benefits of the policy.