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Finding the Right Car Accident Attorney in Plano, TX

August 25, 2015

Are you looking for any of the following services?

  • Car accident attorney Plano
  • Serious Injuries Attorney Plano
  • Wrongful Death Lawyer Plano
  • Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Plano
  • Catastrophic Injuries Lawyer Plano
  • Defective Products Attorney Plano

There are myriad reasons why people seek the help of such attorneys, and the circumstances typically involve a lot of stress. Consider the following anecdote about someone who recently found they needed the services of a car accident attorney in Plano that they could count on to help them with their case:

John and Sarah were heading home from a night out with their friends. Sarah had a few drinks, but John had designated himself as the driver for the evening and was the one in the driver’s seat on their way home. Another driver on the road that night was not as responsible as John and Sarah, who had responsibly planned their night out. The other driver was nearly two six-packs in when he decided to head out to get some food. His drunken demeanor did not allow for him to see the red light that was at the upcoming intersection. He went through the light, hitting the tail end of John and Sarah’s vehicle, causing it to spin around and jackknife into a light post. Injuries were sustained, and they needed medical attention in the hospital. Meanwhile, the other driver had sped off and was later pulled over and arrested by local police officers.

Fortunately, John and Sarah are now fully recovered, but they now have to deal with the medical and court bills that have fallen into their laps because of the decisions made by a reckless, uninsured individual. This is an example of when to call a car accident attorney in Plano, who can turn your life back around.

Car accidents don’t always end as fortunately as it did for John and Sarah. That is where services such as those offered by the Law Office of Christopher Kalis are instrumental in helping to settle the lingering effects of incidents as traumatic as a car accident. You’ve already had to deal with the hardest part; let Christopher Kalis handle the rest for you so that you can move past this event and move forward with your life. If you live in Plano, Texas, or in Dallas, Fort Worth, or any surrounding communities, call Christopher today for a free consultation.