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Top-Rated Personal injury Attorney in Dallas, TX

The Law Office of Christopher Kalis is equipped with years of experience in many different areas of personal injury law. If you have sustained an injury caused by another party, you have the right to seek out compensation. We will use our proven experience and resources to help lead you through that process.

Finding the right personal injury lawyer could have a substantial impact on the outcome of any lawsuit. Finding legal counsel is now only a phone call away. The Law Office of Christopher Kalis is ready to stand by your side through your personal injury battle. I am an experienced attorney who can represent you in many different areas of personal injury law.

Personal Injury Litigation in Dallas, TX

There are literally hundreds of different ways that a personal injury can take place due to the negligence or an intentional act by another person. Motor vehicle accidents are the most common events that form the basis for a personal injury case. But you and your attorney can also pursue damages for other events such as products liability, medical malpractice, dog bites, and slip and fall accidents. While proving negligence plays a major role in most personal injury cases, there are other instances where other standards apply.

Many people are not aware that a personal injury claim that should be filed if a person feels they are the victim of revenge porn or defamation, whether it is slander or libel. In addition, if you are the victim of assault, battery or another intentional crime against your person, you can file a personal injury suit in addition to the criminal charges that a defendant will face.

In each of these cases, if you feel you are the victim of such an act, The Law Office of Christopher Kalis is ready to assist you in pursuing a claim that will compensate you for lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering and other types of related damages.

Representing Victims of Auto, Truck, Motorcycle and Bicycle Accidents

Automobile accidents of all kinds can lead to high medical bills, time out of work and lots of pain and suffering. We can provide you with an auto accident attorney who will fight to help get the compensation you deserve. Our Dallas auto accident lawyers represent clients in all types of crashes as well as clients in need of a texting while driving charges defense. Some of our auto accident cases cover the following:

  • Motorcycle Accidents – Driver negligence is a primary cause to motorcycle operators
  • Car Accidents – Injuries can be minor or catastrophic in nature
  • Truck Accidents – Truck drivers are required to abide by strict rules and regulations
  • Boat Accidents – Operators’ negligence often results in all types of injuries

Motor vehicle accidents can result in everything from minor and temporary injuries to permanent debilitating injuries, and in some cases, death.

All vehicle accidents, whether they involve automobiles, trucks, motorcycles or bicycles, share the same fundamental premise when filing a suit to recover damages. A plaintiff must show that the defendant was negligent through their actions and that the resulting injuries to the victims and damages to vehicles and property were the results of that negligence. This paves the way for victims to collect judgments to pay for their medical bills, and to compensate them for lost wages and pain and suffering.

Through our experience at the Law Office of Christopher Kalis in handling numerous cases, we know that while all motor vehicle accidents share many commonalities, there are some differences depending on the type of vehicle involved.

Truck accidents can be highly complicated due to the fact that many owners may share liability, and that because of their tremendous size differences from cars and motorcycles, trucks tend to produce more serious and life threatening injuries. Motorcycle and bicycle accidents are unique in that courts tend to favor motorcycle riders when determining liability because they know those riders have less protection on the road, placing more responsibility on car and truck drivers. Motorcycle and bicycle riders are also given the benefit of a doubt because they are required to get additional safety training before they can take to the open road.

Get in Touch With a Dallas Medical Malpractice Attorney

Mistreatment or misdiagnosis by health care professionals causes many patient complications every day. If you have recently suffered because of negligence by a doctor, physician’s assistant, nurse, or any other health care professional, you have the right to receive compensation. You should not have to suffer due to errors made by another party. The Law Office of Christopher Kails helps clients who have fallen victim to medical malpractice. Those malpractice areas include but are not limited to the following:

  • Surgical errors – Surgeon mistakes could lead to severe complications
  • Defective Drugs – Wrong drugs administered may have lasting effects
  • Defective Medical Device – Patients should be guaranteed safe treatment
  • Wrongful Death – Fault of a heath care professional may result in the end of life

Common Workplace Injuries in Dallas, TX

It’s not uncommon for workers to be injured on the job. When that happens, it’s important to seek legal counsel to ensure those workers are not taken advantage of by companies. High medical bills, time out of work and lost wages can mount in a hurry. Pain and suffering can also lower one’s quality of life. If your life is being affected by any of these things, there is an urgent need to ease your suffering. One of our personal injury lawyers can help with the following work related issues:

  • Construction Accident – Job sites have many hazards for workers to contend with
  • Oil Field Injury – Dangerous injuries occur on these high-risk jobs

We spend so many of our waking hours at work, and it is reasonable to expect that an employer will do everything in their power to make that time a safe and pleasant experience. Unfortunately, by their very nature, many workplaces are dangerous, especially in an industrial setting where heavy machinery is involved.

Although businesses are generally heavily regulated when it comes to safety issues, equipment does wear out, routine service can slip through the cracks, and other cost-cutting measures may put workers in danger. Other businesses may handle hazardous chemical substances that can be highly toxic and flammable, producing devastating fires and explosions that can severely injure or kill workers.

More often than not, in workplace injury cases, the worker is pitted against the company’s management or even a parent corporation or third party. The legal fight can be long and drawn out for many years. That’s why filing a lawsuit for a workplace injury requires the skill of a lawyer such as Christopher Kalis who is well versed in state safety laws, workplace negligence and in dealing with corporate legal entities.

Most times, workplace injury cases do not go to trial, with both sides opting to reach a settlement. That means you will also need to have an attorney like Christopher Kalis who is a skilled negotiator in addition to a seasoned litigator in front of a judge and jury.

Complex Business Litigation

Business law is such a broad term that encompasses several types of routine legal transactions, as well as handling more complicated business matters.

The Law Office of Christopher Kalis is well versed in a full spectrum of business litigation issues. He is able to assist clients with simple processes such as business incorporation, contracts, shareholder agreements, environmental and regulatory issues, accounting and financial issues, and employee and employer non-compete and trade secret issues.

While these services are valuable to any business, new or established, large, medium or small, there is even more value added for larger and more complex business litigation situations. This is especially true in cases where a lawsuit is involved. A lawsuit will go through many stages, and it is vital to have legal representation that is focused, determined and has your business’s best interests as their primary concern.

However, one of the most important benefits that Christopher Kalis can offer clients is impartiality. Many times, business owners are emotionally involved with their companies to the point where those emotions may supersede clear headed thinking. A skilled attorney is able to set those emotions aside and render legal advice that will benefit the business in the best way possible over the course of the long run.

Entertainment and Intellectual Property Disputes Law Firm

As we move at light speed through a new digital age, the need for new kinds of copyright, trademark and intellectual property protections are at more of a premium than ever. An attorney is not only required to stay abreast of the legal issues surrounding intellectual properties, they are also expected to try and understand how new forms of entertainment have an impact on legal issues that must be utilized to protect a client and their ownership rights. Many times disputes arise regarding trademarks and copyright infringement. These disputes may also end up as a lawsuit, which the Law Office of Christopher Kalis is well-versed and able to help.

In an era where athletes are also considered entertainers, it is vital to have an attorney like Christopher Kalis working to represent talent in all forms. As a former licensed professional sports agent and an active member of the Texas State Bar’s section on Entertainment and Sports Law (and former Chairman), he is able to render experienced legal advice in all areas of sports and entertainment law from emerging digital issues to more traditional concerns such as contracts, royalties, appearance fees, endorsements and other high profile situations.

Mr. Kalis is a well-known authority who organizes and hosts seminars and workshops on sports and entertainment law, providing valuable information on the unique types of litigation issues that can arise in this field.

The Law Office of Christopher Kalis proudly serves Dallas, Plano, and all of North Texas and beyond.

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